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Well, you probably don't remember me but I did a really half assed backcombing job and about a week afterwards my hair just started getting looser and curlier....You guys convinced me to just let nature take its course and see what happened. It has been a little over three months now since the last time I brushed my hair, and I promised to update, so here are some pictures...

This was my hair last time I posted, about one week after my notso fantastic attempt at backcombing...

About two weeks into not having brushed my hair, these two latched onto each other and before I figured out I had to pull my hair apart all the time, they were inseparable. My friends have dubbed it my "peace dread" because it looks like and upside down peace symbol I guess.

This is a mood ring I threw on the other day. It's fun to watch it change, but I might have to take it out because I feel like its one of those cheapo low quality things that will turn green and ucky with too much water exposure. D:

My hair does all kind of crazy shit, I can't even keep up

This one is absolutely insane, but I couldnt quite capture the insaneness with my camera, oh well.

I'll try to update in another three months or so. I promise to smile more next time.

My hair has been getting knottier-it definitely still doesnt look like "typical" dreadlocks or whatever, but the point of dreads isnt really to be typical, so whatever. They amuse me.

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