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Almost 9 months!

SO! I spent my evening at a Drag Show :D

Before the show started I was sitting with my friends and a two people sitting near us started talking about how to start dreads. The guy said "Oh, well you braid your hair in a lot of little braids then cover them in wax so it will repel the water. I looked over at them and the guy looks at me and says "Right? That's how you do it." I replied " Actually I just pulled my hair into a bunch of ponytails and combed it backwards with a flea comb, like what you'd use on a cat." The guy looked TOTALLY SHOCKED. He said "Really?! No wax?" I replied "Nope, nothing but time." I felt good, educating someone and perhaps preventing some very icky dreadies from entering the world. :D
Aside from that the show was awesome.

Picture time! 

I got a box from back home a few days ago and inside was a new hat! :D It's polar fleece inside, and very toasty!

I was talking to my boyfriend and I told him I realized I have no idea what the back of my head looks like. So he picked up the camera and snapped a few shots. I was pleased with what I say, other then the faded dye. :P I'll be re-doing that very soon, like, this weekend. 

And my ponytail, which I had no idea was so intense :D No wonder all my hair-ties are stretching out o.o

They'll be 9 months the 7th of December! I love them.
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