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hello :) I just wanted to show off the dreads i did for my boyfriend not too long ago and to ask a question.

I'll start off with the pictures. He doesn't have these anymore because i chopped 'em all off a few months ago.

these are not too long after i did them. I highlighted some of them a lighter brown.

after that i bleached 'em all nice and blond. I like them a lot better that way.

i just think this is silly :)

I dyed my hair red so i dyed his too

i think this one's funny too

After that i cut 'em off. He had them for a little over a year. They were teeny tiny when we started out. About 3 inches.

Now my question to you is really more of an opinion. This is my hair. Its straightened and slept on here but it's got a natural curl to it.

i really and terribly want to dread it. But Should i wait until it's about shoulder length or just go ahead and do it? i have a lot of layers so i don't know if that would make it more difficult.
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