Pixie (pixielandruler) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

wanting dreads

argh. duno quite how these community things work so can people add me to msn girl_pixie@hotmail.com cos im not sure if il check any posts on here or if this will even get to any one :S

well i wana get dreads, at the moment im putting together pictures of people with the neat and well cared for type of dreads along with some stuff off the knotty boy site to persuade my dad to let me get them done. i will then try and find some one else with dreads to help me do them and il probably buy kb products cos they look good but im not sure how much it will cost to ship it to the UK. hmmm. any one else here from the UK? well hope i get some emails/msn additions cos im really not sure how to use this lol


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