Knottysleeves Dreadlock Decorations (knottysleeves) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Knottysleeves Dreadlock Decorations

Undercut success!

About a week ago I finally dreaded my undercut, which I've been growing in for almost a year. I did tight backcombing, then a little rip & twist on the ends to push the knots up, then another round of backcombing.

I originally made three dreads, but they're stubborn and basically re-sectioned themselves when I wasn't looking, so now I have five.

Here's how they looked after the first wash & dry (I managed to hold out for an entire week):

Still some loose bits flying around, but they're knotting up better than I expected. Yay! I figured they would be looser since my regular dreads are always brushing against them. I'm going to do some more backcombing now and then leave them alone for another few days.

(The rest of my dreads are at 6 months... you can't really see them in the messy updo, but they're coming along great (albeit a bit fuzzy) and I'm really happy with them.)
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