Drummerboy (liquordrums) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Inaugural, intruductory self post...

Though it seems this community was informed of my baby dreads in this post, I figured I should actually join and say hi.

So, hi.

I decided to go the dreadhawk route after meeting gorthok about a year and a half ago and finding that dreads don't have to be huge, unkempt, smelly messes (something that, unfortunately, many locals still have to learn). Through gorthok I met lishd, who furthered interest in and learning about dreads.

So, regrew my hawk, had it look awesome for 3-6 months, and then like ass for 6-8 months until I was drug kicking and screaming out of my procrastination by Lish and my wife, and that leads to the pictures that can be found here, as previously stated. I've no new pictures at this point, but I should be getting some taken/uploaded by next week (hopefully), and I'll be happy to post them here.

The babies have tightened very nicely this past week. I kinda miss the liberty-dread effect of the first two days, but I'm loving how they're looking now, too.

To follow community protocol, here's my second favorite picture from the set, as Lish already posted my first:

Sideshow Bob's cousin...
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