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two year time line.

time line.

i've never done one of these, this is my second set of dreads and they are two years old as of this month. this is a large collection, so beware before viewing! (they aren't huge or anything, just lots of pictures)

this set has been kind of weird for me. i'm not nearly as attached as i was to my first set. my first set also had tons of crap in them, wire, strings, glued in odds and ends, and ... dreaded wax! which i quit using shortly after.

this set has been really clean. no wax, nothing but hair, no beads or doo-dads. i back combed them once and let them go. i love them dearly. they've been feeling longer and longer here lately. sleeping on them has suddenly become really awkward, i have to bundle them up and set them on top of my head. i cant imagine what that is like for those of you with longer locks!

these days, i'm referred to as the "hippy" at work, which is really bothersome because i AM NOT. as a matter of fact the other day at work, i stepped out for a quick break (i work in a kitchen) and a friendly co-worker wrote, in HOT FUDGE mined you, "BITCH ASS HIPPY!" all over my station. not cool. i then proceeded to seek revenge by placing a spoon in a 500 degree oven for about 5 minutes and dropping it into his pocket when he wasn't looking. that'll teach 'em. he then made threats to burn off my hair. whatever, says i!

(lot of pictures, i warn.)


(this was not photo-shopped, the color was just that insane.)

these days.

just washed today.

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