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oh, decisions, desicions...desicions?

hey everyone.
my names patti. i'm 20 years old. from PA.
i have admired dreads since i was 11 years old,
when i first saw my neighbor. he was 26 and had the most incredible dreads i've ever seen.
ever since then, i could'nt get them out of my head.
when i was 17, i started four dreads at the base of my neck.
i palm rolled during almost every singe class, haha.
i had them for about 4 months, and then decided "fuck it" and let them go natually.
this went on for another 2 and a half months.
well, needless to say, they started to eat the rest of my hair.
it was becoming a pain in the ass to wash, brush and maintain.
so i brushed them out. took about 3 hours.
i still CANNOT stop thinking about them
how beautiful they are, how they feel, how they ACT!
i want to be a full dreadhead...
but, with my current job, i can't go TOO crazy.
i dyed my hair dark purple yesterday, and they love it.
i've had orange, bright red, and yellow chunks and they loved all three.
i talked to my boss about dreadlocks, and she thinks i'm nuts.
"why would you DO that to your hair!"
she doesn't mind deep down, but the doctors i work for definatly will. at least some of them.
so, in conclusion, i wanted to start an "underneath set".
have a good chunk of dreads, but when i wear my hair down it
doesn't really LOOK like dreads. or at least not horribly noticable.
kind of like my normal hair would be a "hat", so to speak.
it's really bothering me that i can't do entirely what i want.

so, what i was wondering (and i did look through the memories)
if i can keep a good...10-15 or so dreads without them EATING AWAY the
rest of my hair?
how could i keep that from happening?
would i do the same maintenance (crochet, ect) as a full dreadhead?
or would i need to involve new methods?
also, washing? would it be okay to get
baby dreads wet so much?
i wouldn't wash the dreads as much as my normal hair. plus i only wash mine once every two, sometimes three

eventually, when i get a better job and finish school, i'll be able to find a job that will
let me look how i want, and i will TOTALLY dread up this head to the fullest!

so, in the meantime, HELP ME and pray i find a better job :(

thank you guys so much for your time. i would really appreciate some help.

edit: and some pictures of me for fun:

(thats a wig, haha)

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