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Happy Shampoo Days :)

I took your advice on shampoos after my last frustrating/ranty post...

Iwent to Lush!!  You can smell that place 3 blocks away at least... further on a windy day.  Ahhh I want to eat everything in that store - it smells THAT yummy.

Anyhoo, I picked up a couple shampoo bars - Squeeky Green (as per your recommendation), and Karma Komba (which the girl told me is also good for not leaving residue).  The only only I've  used so far is the Squeeky Green one, and I loved it!!  I found that my head was a bit itchy afterwards, for just the day.  I know I rinsed really well cus I spent ages getting it all out and then ran my head under the tap a lot just to make sure.  But man, I think this is the best my hair has smelled since it's been dreaded (not that it didn't smell good before,... it just didn't smell like much of anything).  It made my hair feel really soft after too, which I'm not used to - cus I've been using quite drying shampoos.  I kind of like it when it gets really tight, but it's nice that it's kinda soft too.... it's probably a lot nicer on my scalp. 
So yeh -  a bit thank you for everyone who replied to my last post :)  I'm now in a happy shampoo place! Yay. 

Oh!  One more question :)  Where do those of you who dye your hair with henna buy your henna from?  Is Henna For Hair the cheapest/best place to buy the dye? 
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