sugar magnolia (lauranonymous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
sugar magnolia

all tied up in knots.

I really don't know how my friends achieved this look, but I can say that it was not fun to undo.

As a side note, I went to a craft fair this weekend and I picked up two bars of yummy vegan soaps for washing my hair. Dr B's has been majorly drying out my scalp so I recently switched to using a coconut castile soap. When I got this new craft fair soap I checked the ingredients and made sure they were all natural, nothing that would leave weird residues (I skipped on the one that contained oatmeal!), but after I bought them I freaked out when I considered the fact that they are made with an olive oil base. I figured olive oil would surely act as a conditioning agent on my dreads and all hell would break loose. Now after reading more information about what "castile soap" means I realize that this is probably what I've been using and didn't even know it (duh!).
I feel my dreads are established enough that I can just give it a try and if it doesn't go well then I'll just have some extra soap, but I was just wondering about others' experiences with castile soap or more specifically, soap with an olive oil base.
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