showinxpression (showinxpression) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dear people who responded to my last entry, and to whomever else is interested to read,

Lets all say HURRAY! I pulled my hair back, in a somewhat of a bun and you couldnt see my dreads, and i took out  my labret ring.  So I got the Job. Im so happy!  I been discriminated in so many other places, because of my hair. But i fooled them this time.  ^_~   see where im from, Delaware, you rarely see any people with dreads. Especially White people. So alot of places, wont hire you because of them.  Which i know. Im not on the schedule yet, i have to get a drug test done, yea i know for a grocery store. Cmon now.  But thats Delaware for you. ..and when i pass the test (cause i dont do drugs)...then i will be put on the schedule.  Im xcited cause i havent had a job in a loong time!* (cause of my dreads)...ill say 2 years.  Well talk to you guys later. Oh yea thanks to all who comment on my entry.  ^_^

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