Amber (keyofamajor) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Red hair, and an experiment about music!

I don't post often on here at all, apparently - looking back through my journal, the last time I posted was in a timeline in April, here. Whoops.

Anyway, they're now 2 years and 3 months old. I dyed them red a couple of days ago, and I'm so pleased with it that I want to share with you all! :D

I'm really, really pleased with it! It's slightly darker and slightly more purpley-tinged than in the photo (that was taken after dark with an over-enthusiastic flash on my camera, hehe), and the bits nearer the roots don't have the 'faded' look that the photo has. But I like it! It's also surprising how many compliments I've gotten from it , from people who I know have always been a bit... less than keen on my dreads, to phrase it best. It's only semi-permanent (because I always tend to change my mind on dyed colours after a while so I'd rather let it wash out than have to dye over it), but I think I'll be redoing this one a lot. It's by Directions, if anyone's interested - they're a british make of dye, it all comes ready-to-go in little pots so you don't have to mix smelly chemicals up. Hooray!

Also, on a little end note, I'm doing a study for university at the moment - I'm looking at the physical effects that some people get when listening to particular songs (like goosebumps, or all the hairs on your arms standing up). I'm doing it as an online survey, and if anyone's interested or fancies taking part, it would be hugely appreciated! There's a load of information about it on my journal, here. Hope it's alright to post about it here, I don't want to sound too cheeky!
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