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Wowee, it's been a long time! I don't know how many people are still in the community from when I used to be more active, but hi! I've been dreaded for a little under three years and three months. There's not really a point in posting monthly like I used to do, because my dreads aren't really changing noticeably month to month anymore. They are growing like CRAZY though. Now I'm dreaming of the time when I'll have dreads down my back.

This is how I started out, way back when I was seventeen...

Oh lawdy. Awesome pictures, right?

And these are my babies now:

A couple of months ago.

The tips are actually still changing drastically. You can see a couple of the reeeeally rounded ones, which were sped along by lishd a while ago, and now the rest of them are starting to think about dreading up.

I've been wearing my hair up like this recently. The used to only do down OR pigtails OR ponytail, so I'm enjoying the extra length that lets me get a little less boring.

And finally, introducing my other baby, Gracie. I gave her a kiss...

And she returned the favor... heh. To make these pictures even more adorable, the whole time I was taking pictures with her, she was purring so heavily that she was chirping. I love when cats do that :D

In closing, it's really weird to be back here with a mature set of dreads. I don't think I ever expected to have them for so long, but I honestly couldn't let them go at this point. I love my dreads :)

Thanks for looking!
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