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Biotin Experiment - Update

Hey there gudu-ers!  :)

So, I posted the Biotin Experiment idea about a month ago.  I think it was more like a month and a week ago.  So sorry for the slackage.  I just finished my first bottle of biotin containing 150 pills of 1000 mcgs each.  Sooo, I averaged about 3 or 4 pills a day for a bit over a month, therefore 3000 to 4000 mcgs a day. 

I have to say that at first I thought I noticed my hair growing and then realized I was probably just seeing what I wanted to and experiencing somewhat of a placebo effect, perhaps.  I mean, like after the first three days there could be no way I could tell, right?   Time passed on and I steadily took my vitamins, sometimes using a B-Complex for some extra power hahaah.  It just kind of became a habit, though I did miss days here or there.

Now that over a month has passed I KNOW there is a difference.  I know this because I was sitting watching tv the other day with my hair down and my stepmom said "Wow, your dreads have gotten a lot longer."  WOOHOO.  They are still short but I am convinced the vitamins helped.  It seemed they grew at a faster rate this month.  My ponytail seems much fatter too. 

Maybe my dreads would have naturally progressed at this rate anyway, who knows.  Maybe I am crazy.  But I am happy!

Anyone else notice or not notice any changes this month while taking Biotin?

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