earthygirrl (earthygirrl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A Light Deep Clean

If you haven't tried a baking soda rinse then you really should.

Someone here posted a deep cleaning ritual that they perform every so often (Thanks!) and at the time I just locked it into my mind trying to think where I'd get apple vinegar. One day I was sitting at home and was becoming sick of the fact that my hair smelled odd even though I was washing it frequently enough. I decided to just try the baking soda and see what happens. I felt that if I needed something more ( apple vinegar ) than I'd just do that part later. I pulled out my bucket and dipped my head in for about 5-10 minutes. I didn't remember how much baking soda to add to the I added quite a bit.

I was shocked!!!  In the first dip dirt just pored out my head and into the solution in the bucket. This expalined the smell. My hair was very very very dirty. It seems the shampoo I was using Jamaican Mango & Lime was so gentle that it didn't clean. I switched to some brand I can't remember from Trader Joe's and just made sure I rinshed all of it out.

My hair is wonderfully clean and it doesn't smell anymore. Besides the light oil I put on my scalp. Yum.

And here is an update.....they are getting longer! They are a almost a year and a half. The color is fading though and I'd love to do something really intense.

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