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I have 60-something children.

I haven't been able to get a deff count on how many there are.. I get confused halfway across my dome, haha. my babies will be turning 2 months on the 2nd. they're 100% product free, no wax, no nothing, though I'm thinking of using some salt water soon. kinda wish I'd let my hair grow out a bit more, the shortness drives me nuts when I wake up and they're sticking straight up in the air, but I ran out of patience.

post-script: I really kinda want to get rid of the bangs. they get mixed in sometimes, I'm sick of them getting greasy after a day, and I just wanna get rid of em. not sure how to go about it though, and I really don't want my hairline up front to look weird, cause I have a large obnoxious forehead. suggestions/thoughts anyone?

edit: I suck at cuts.
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