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ey up. mine and a plethora of other lovelies dreads...

bonjourno beautifuls.

i believe its picture time yes?


watching the john player specials (check them out on myspace, lovely catchy ska reggae jingles)

if you look properly (from left to right order) you can see ellie's, mine. dave and pollies dreads :)

^dave looking like a beauty

nates new dreadies started by moi

georginas 4 month old dreads, started and maintained by moi

and i added some wool wraps :]

^not strictly dread related but just an example of how apple golf is the most fun a person can have fully clothed.

sam and dave attempting to be the world tallest doctor anarchist :P

dave chalking sams outline..

neils just maintained by me, dread noodles.

dave being a fashionable cunt

dean, sam and johnny turpentine busking in town, johnny used to have a dreadhawk but the decided to cut em all off bar 2. he looks fantastically ridiculous but when he skanks they spin round like a propellers, its rather good :)

hope you all did something particulerly good this weekend :)

i went to the manchester autonomous arts opening party so more pics to come ..




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