Dewi Neijs (shalajarias) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Dewi Neijs

Hi I'm new!

To this community that is.. so i figure i'd introduce myself and post some pics..

Hi there!

I'm Dewi and currently my dreads are 10 months old. They are my first set of dreads and i'd been wanting dreads for a long time but never got the patience to let my hair grow long and get them dreaded up..

So here is a little timeline of my dreads

Before i got my dreads i looked like this:

Babydreads, just done and put a knot in it. I have around 75 dreads here, we lost count after 12 hours of dreadmaking hell..

3 months old here.. just had maintenance done on them at that point

Then i fucked them up by bleaching and attemptign to dye them red myself

Then maintenance after 7 months again.. Yes they had bands in them but i took those out. My dreads were severly messed up due to me not being able to work on them and the whole bleaching process..

Then I got them dyed really red this time..

And now at 10 months..

they heavily need maintenance done again.. i have a lot of loose short hairs on my scalp because of the last time. So i wear a bandana most of the time until i can either manage to do it myself or find someone to do it for me..
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