paulmack (paulmack) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

HELP (11months)

i do have monthly pictures uploaded..
but i need some serious help on some skin issues caused from my dreadlings.
the below picture might explain a bit:

recently after the conception of my dreads back last winter.. i developed this small dark patch of skin on the left part of the back of my neck. i ignored it.
i noticed over the months my skin on the back of my neck kind of started to develop more of these patches. they would come and go.
ive always kind of ignored them.
but now its getting really out of hand.
right now i have three major patches of skin where my hair usually rubs against thats getting dry, itchy, red and sometimes would scar dark.
im aware its eczema.
my dreads rubbing against my skin seems to be causing it and also making it worse.
ive tried putting different creams and moisturizers on it over the months but nothing seems to be working.
so im wearing scarves now. (not necessarily to cover it, but to prevent my hair from rubbing against my skin)
does anyone know what i can do?
does anyone share similar experiences?

heres pictures.

its an irritating piss-off

other than this.
im a happy dude.

someone help me out!

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