Have you seen Juniors grades? (balamuthia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Have you seen Juniors grades?

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Just a few from the crazy yellow bathroom of fun house angles.


My righteous hair doesn't feel so righteous these days. It's probably just depression though, I narrowly avoided shaving my head tonight...this morning...whichever.


Aaaaand since I can't get any semblance of a natural color in my bathroom, I decided to just fuck with the color balance on purpose. I need a re-dye.


So, occasionally I see people contemplate bangs because of forehead self-consciousness. I'm no exception, but believe me when I tell you- this is a massive bald spot! I'm sure it's mostly because one clump of hair is eating up a lot of the hair around it in an odd fashion; but it's also because I have no fucking hair. I have chronic iron deficient anemia which means my hands and feet are always cold, and my hair is thin and sparse and annoying. GAH!

So, maybe bangs...I dunno.


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