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i have a question. i started my dreads only about a month ago, and we used wax, and i want to get the wax out so that my dreads will mature naturally, without the waxy crap in it. and if i've read the memories correctly, a deep clean should help me get the wax out. so my question is, is it too soon to do a deep clean? might this cause some of my dreads to come out?

and i've been cam-whoring it up lately

i was getting really fed up with the amount of loose hair that was chilling at the nape of my neck, so i made two small dreads, one on either side.

i backcombed one

and rip&twisted the other

i got a new bead from a friend who has had dreads for nearly 6 years

i liked how i looked yesterday :]

please ignore the fact that my face is really washed out. but this was the best one of the ends

and my favorite tie dye shirt
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