spitmistress (spitmistress) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

sharing time.

i miss GUDU! mine are almost 5 months now. actually, in about 9 days. yey.i havent touched them since my last post. all of em are webcam shots. excuse the quality pleaaaaaseee. i notice some at the back beginning to dread by itself. im thrilled! i really hope not to have to depend on the crochet hook anymore.

my dreads still can fit in my hoodie! hehe.

my obviously curly and frizzy ends. ive got many diff types of hair in my head. yea, im a freak that way.

dread-bangs! lol

fly aways. new growth! 2 months untouched.

for now, my fav dread. the one with the spiral. it decided to un-crochet itself and curl =/

take care all!
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