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A quick question on Deep Cleaning:

How old should one's dreads be before one uses the one of the deep cleaning recipes from the memories? Does it matter?

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the repeal of the 18th amendment, and while it was truly wonderful to see all of my friends out and about, most of them smoke and having recently quit myself, the eau de ashtray that is my noggin right now... not so hot. I'm actually glad my allergies are acting up and I can't smell much.

So, I'm going to try my usual shampoo regimen once more and see if that will at least diminish the smell enough that it will wear off eventually, but if that doesn't work are 3 week old knotties too young for a deep cleaning?

You recently saw my dreads and cats, so here's a picture of the dog of the house, Pickles:

Watch out, she's bloodthirsty and her eyes are about to shoot lasers...
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