Geeky Valkyrie (geminibalance) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Geeky Valkyrie


Hookay, getting nervous now.

I posted a little while ago to ask opinions about dreading at shoulder-length versus one more year's growth. Consensus was "start earlier, knot sooner, look better faster." Okay, so I'm dreading after Xmas.

I've been a member here for a ~yearish. I've gained a great deal of wisdom in that time, enough that I've occasionally been applauded for my advice to some of the newbies who've come here asking for advice. Still, I'm nervous enough to make my palms sweat.

Been scouring the memories looking for pointers:
I'm planning to order a dread tool from from dreadheadhq. Figured I'd get their comb while I'm at it. flea comb and crochet hook = cheaper & easier!
I know to stop washing my hair as often in prep (I currently wash every day).
I know to stop conditioning, and maybe even use dish soap a few times first.
I know to section 36-45 pieces for medium dreads.
Lish once suggested I avoid a center part in my sections. I've decided to heed her advice.
I know to backcomb the holy hell outta 'em till they stand on end.
I know to palmroll holy hell outta 'em as often as I think of it, and especially when they're wet.
I know not to wash them for a few days, and to be gentle when I do.
I know to let them hang free as often as possible, especially when young,
because movement helps the locking process.

I know T-gel and teatree oil help with itchies and flakies,
dish soap and Dr. Bronners help strip oils and smell good,
and salt water and aloe vera help tighten.

I know baking soda and apple cider vinegar are good for deep cleaning,
vodka gets out mildew smell (probably cigarettes, too!),
and a dab of essential oil helps them smell pretty longer.

I think I've got the basics. Is there anything I'm missing? Any wisdom you can offer a nearly-newbie who is anxious about taking the plunge?

Also, anyone have any suggestions on where I might find a good "My First Dread Cap" (AKA, Grandma-Can't-Be-Too-Upset-About-What-She-Can't-See Cap)? I'm not Rasta, and I don't want to misrepresent myself as such by wearing the colors, but those seem to be the only caps I can find near me.
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