moa_cat (moa_cat) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

almost two months.

So my dreads. No pics, just getting something off my chest.
I'm obsessed with them, for the most part. They are my favorite thing about my self, I love them and I love the way they make me look. 
When I first did them I was actually a little nervous to go out in public, go to work for the first time, see all my friends, so on and so forth.  I wore them in a pony tail a lot, hats, head wraps, whatever, but after a week or so of that I got a little tiered of it. I had to go back and think about why I did them in the first place.
My brushable hair is very curly and I've spent most of life, fighting it's natural frizz with creams and conditioners and special expensive hair cuts.  I was teased a lot growing up about the frizzy state of my hair and I wanted "pretty" silky curls that wouldn't earn name me nick names like "fuzz ball". I wanted conventonally beautiful hair like all the girls with "perfect" pin straight hair.  I actually went through a stage when I would wake up and hour and half early every morning just to straighten out my curls and apply all sorts of smoothing products to keep it that way.
Now as I'm entering the "grown up" world and moving into my 20s, I look back and shake my head at all the time I've wasted on my hair.  Why would I put so much effort into hiding the natural beauty of my hair? The real answer, as embaressed as I am to give it, is that I wanted to please others. I wanted other people to think I was pretty.  Even then after all the word and effort I put into my curls I was never really pleased with it.  I was tiered of hiding, tiered of all the muss and fuss, tiered of looking in the mirror at my hair and never being happy.
It took me about nine months to really finally decide to dread my hair.  A year of looking up information and pictures and reading other peoples stories about their dreads, of tossing and turning at night wieghing the pros and the cons. Finally one day, I just went for it I just woke up and said "today is the day."
I couldn't be happier.  For the first time I'm just letting my hair do what it wants.  Thanks to the curly nature of my hair my dreads have formed quickly and there hasn't been a day when I've been able to say I hate my hair.  I know dreads arn't all peaches and cream and there will be days when I wake up and want to chop it all off.  that's hair for you. 
Despite some of the critism my hair has gotten over the past almost two months, I'm still confident in it.  The things people say just roll of me now instead of making me want to change my hair to fit their views.
I've also gotten alot of possitive comments about my hair, (although it has attracted some unwanted attention from the older male population, why? I don't know).
It might sound totally corny but I'm being completely honest when I say that I feel really beautiful for the first time in my life.

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