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'Member me?

If not, it won't hurt my feelings. I feel bad about not updating; I've just been in this crazy psychedelic frenzy since Mayish. Sorry y'all.

Back o' the head! And my very, very red sweater that says "McCook Bison", circa 1950something.

Right after I brushed out 2 dreads to make bangs.

Wakarusa! Sigh. Good times.

Brownie night. :D

'Bout a month ago?

And I know I post this every time, but I must insist. This is what they looked like when I first started them, a little over 3 years ago. You see? No matter how shitty they start out, they get to look better eventually.

Anyone here from St.Louis? I went there a few weeks ago and have never had so many people be so nice to me. Usually it started out with "Yo, dreads!". It made me happy. Beside that, I dropped out! Haha. I have to take the GED test tomorrow which shouldn't be too hard, considering I got a 3300/5000 on the practice (all you need is 2000). Yay! Then I'm doing getting an apartment and going to college bit. You should all come over!
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