The Magus (jezabe1l) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Magus

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Advice please

I checked the memories on this. I was pretty stupid when I started my dreads and I didn't section them; I let them section themselves and one of them made a large bad section at the base of my neck that has been hurting me and bugging me. I hate it it's flat and ugly. I don't want to rip it into two dreads because it is quite matted. My idea is to comb it out and then section it into smaller dreads. Does that sound like a good or bad thing? If it's bad what should I do?

Edit: Well I combed out the dread and I will be dreading 2 or 3 dreads. I don't have time tonight because I have to wake up early. But I wanted to say I am very glad I combed that dread out. My head already feels better and I found a huge chunk of wax hidden from when it was first started and my mom was trying to 'help' me. It was scary!
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