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Re-doing my locks, question about roots

Hi all. I posted here yesterday, maybe 2 days ago, with pictures of my 10-week-old locks. It was suggested that I start them over because of the flipped sections, all the wax, and unhappy back of my head. (Honestly this hadn't even occured to me...dur!) I talked to the friend who started them and he said he didn't mind redoing them for me.

So I started combing/conditioning/working them out last night. They are almost all the way out, but I'm having a lot of trouble undoing the flipped sections (sigh). This was the part I wanted out the most! Anyway my question is, if I leave a little bit together at the roots, will it detrimental in any way to this next set? (Other than looking like a different section, but if I have to live with that I can.) Also if anyone has any tricks for undoing this part let me have 'em!
Thanks all.
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