oh carnival! (swirl_girlx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
oh carnival!

i stopped combing my mind so my thoughts could lock.

I'm sorry i don't have any pictures for you, on the 14th my dreads will be a delightful 5 months old(I really kind of didn't think I've ever be looking at five months, now I'm planning what fun having a year and two years will be.) but I have a few sort of basic questions. I checked out the memories but I didn't find my answers.

1- blowdrying: yay or nay? it's cold as FUCK here in Philadelphia, and dreads stay damp for hours! I know it's bad for brushable or dreaded hair (I never, ever used a hair dryer on my smooth hair) and i dont like exactly how frizzy it makes me dreads. But is it okay for a quick-fix; to keep my long ends from dripping all down my back?

2- Backcombing. So, I didn't have an initial "today is the day i have dreads!" thing. I just kind of let my hair do its thing and gave it gentle encouragement. Midway through the third month I started palmrolling and stuff like that. I've also got a lot of bangs still going on and they're slowly being eaten by dreadness, which is what I wanted. However, because of the lackadaisical nature of this style, I had some ugly motherfuckers on my head. Particularly one small on that was brushable all the way down to the end where it was just an unholy snarl. So i backcombed it into submission.

thank you, friends! I'll try to get some pictures for their birthday. Because let me tell you, I am CRAZY vain about my babies. :D
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