sere118 (sere118) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I hate finals

I'm putting off studying for my Bio final pretty hardcore.  One of the things I did was take a bunch of pictures with my webcam, so to further distract myself I thought I'd share ^_^

Here's my darling dreadies... and me looking a little gross; spent all day in my room pretending to study >.<

Hmm, a little messy but I have been enjoying them.  When I got back from thanksgiving break my roommate asked if I had gotten my hair cut : (  Maybe she is just unobservant, but I don't want them to look shorter!  I'm really hoping they finish shrinking soon and I can start getting some length, I think I look odd with my hair the length it is now.

Honestly, I am happy with my dreads, but I'm still not comfortable wearing them down in public.. I don't think I've done it since I first started them.  They're just so messy sometimes and not really in the awesomely cute way that I admire in other dreads, if that makes sense : )

So I have the dreadbun, which I rock all the time.  It was raining so bad today and I tried to pull my hood up but I couldn't get it over that giant bun of dreads ^_^

I think they were 4 months as of December 4th, they've certainly come a long way from this at least : )

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