Tegan's Fave (kimbahlee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tegan's Fave


Since I live in the frozen tundra of Fargo, I thought I'd bring back some pictures from when the grass was actually green and I could go outside without eighteen layers of clothing...

ignore my zit. my dreads are more dreamy. also my cleavage.

yay cleavage!!!

dreads dreads dreads....

this is my "i could be a model" face.

calm in the springtime....

and here is my pineapple halloween costume:

and now i bundle up for the cold winter days:

i'm still trying to comb out my dreads (only 25 left!), but four-year-old dreads take some care and time to comb out....

i was taken off of naughty_knotty and i am distraught! (this is a sidenote for my purely voyeuristic tendencies)

i hope you all keep warm as we prepare for a killer snowstorm in my part of the woods!


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