kaseyj :) (__liesfuelfires) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
kaseyj :)

I haven't been very active here in a while. :( I've been super stressed with applying/worrying about getting into college! hah, butttt!

My babies are turning 4 months old in a couple days! Most of the time I really love them, and a lot of the time I even forget they're there! :X haha They're just so much a part of me now.

Usually I get a lot of stink eyes and crazy looks from people, but as of lately I've been getting a lot of "your hair looks so cute!!" and "wow, your hair is really pretty!" which is weird because I don't really feel like they're changing/progressing, but I guess other people do! :)

I finally figured out how to get a half decent picture of the back, haha. :)

I've been wearing my bangs like this just about every single day, because they've gotten so long and I am just too lazy to cut them! This isn't hindering my dreads at all, correct? With the way they're somewhat covering some of them? Idk haha
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