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a bunch of things!!

ok, first and foremost...my purple hair was a major disaster, it was bleeding and staining everywhere. Something had to be done. So, I concocted something crazy I read online (do not get me to divulge because...it's super super bad...at least, it seemed like it to me) to fade and wash out some of the excess pigment. Well, at the same time, this deep cleansed (I guess?) my waxy dread locks, and they fell out (as you told me they would, lesson learned). So, I about to do some major back combing and rip and twist method on my hair, after I redye it a natural red (I need a job and probably am less likely to get one with purple dreaded hair over natural red dreaded hair...meh).

A few concerns/specific questions:
1. I am curious, I have read the memories and seen the debate over those who keep maintaining their dreads in the beginning for a "neater" or "better" look, and those that do not (which is subsequently viewed as the "better way" to get dreads) but I am really curious as to what the two different approaches actually look like, 2 months, 6months, a year, and years  down the road? Any picture examples you may have are appreciated. I have my preference as to a look of dreads, but, I am not sure which method is the one I should follow to achieve it.

2. Am I weirdo in that I don't get greasy hair, just an insanely dry and itchy scalp the more I go without washing? Is there something wrong or? And is it bad to wash your dreads every other day to combat this? The memories' wisdom would imply no, but I just want confirmation.

3. Why isn't there a memory category for short dreads? People have opinions as to the best method to form them, the ways you have to wash them in the beginning, etc so yeah! Unless I am blind, I didn't see a category for that.

and yes, I got a new username, to inspire me to actually write in my main journal :D in case you actually noticed and were confused.
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