Daniella (moonstealstar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Little update.


Crazy array of my dreadies.
Fun feltie friend.
And sometimes I like to have a face. 
This is me with our new little pupper.
Her name is Mimi (my little sister named her) and she's a 9 week old Great Purinese (spelling?!) who lays down constantly on walks and bites at my toes, our cat Oliver seems to be a bit put off by her which is understandable since he's never had to deal with a dog before. I still think I'm a cat person though, but she's damned cute in a dumb sorta way. Heh. ^_^ 

I had posted two days ago about dying my dreads and went ahead with the brown. I also went to Sally's and got some Apogee conditioning stuff which worked great on my hair. And I did a deep cleanse as well which didn't really seem to get much out of my dreads as far as residue (maybe due to the fact that I haven't really put anything in my hair other than Dr. Bronners soap?) but it did tighten them up real nice and make me feel a lot cleaner. 
Thank you to anyone who had something real nice to say last time I posted, it really helps. I really like this color even if there's still a bit of pink here and there showing through, it's...unique, I guess. I feel a lot better now and I also just got my permit which has taken me 6 months to obtain due to not having a social security card, which made it a huge ordeal. >.<
I hope everyone has a great day, stay dreadfull! =D 


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