Manda (amkale24) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Say a person starts with brown dreads. They get dyed blond, then person combs dreads out. Because only the outside of each dread is coated when dyeing, would person have weird stripey/splotchy hair? Just a random thing I thought of. *shrug*

Also, I have a dread...well, 2 dreads I suppose, that grew together at the tips and were still 2 at the root. I could get about 3 fingers between them up there. I want them to be separate, it's a really weird shaped section when they're together. I took a nice hot shower today and ripped as far as I could, and now I can get my arm in between there, but there's a good 4 inches that will not budge. I read the few posts in the memories, and in one place it says do not use scissors, then another person used them successfully. I know not to attempt this unless I'm willing to lose one or both dreads, but are there any ideas for me? I pulled so hard. Harder than I thought I could. Those suckers are stuck!
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