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SO I have been thinking about brushing out my dreads. The other day I was fixing a lock and I got curious and brushed the dread out. Now I am completely torn but leaning towards ending my 2yr dread adventure. The two main reasons would be 1. These last two years have proly been my hardest so far and i do believe that i would be releasing some of that energy and starting something new and 2. this is terrible to say but boredom :( I need a change. I also was goin to wait untill the 4 year mark (i have a thing for even numbers) but i think it might be time. I dont really know what to do. I am goin to think on it a lil more. I told my sister my idea and she was sad and said that I fit my dreads. And I dont think i like that. idk. I know if I do brush them out that I will dread my hair again thats for sure...i love em too much. So I guess i just need some advise or any stories people have about brushing/cutting their dreads. that would be really helpful.
love n light
so its not text only :D

before dreads
this is a shity pix and i am all shity but this is what my hair looked like before.
another b4
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