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This post is not to start 'internet drama' for any of those who are a part of the online community DreadlockTruth.com, and enjoy being a part of it.  I'm just posting this because it's made me really sad.

I'll just post to the thread that I'm talking about:

The blatant racism, violent language, and ignorance in this thread is really horrifying to me.  I found DreadLock truth a week or so ago, and I've enjoyed it thus far.... but this has really put a sour taste in my mouth.  I know that nothing like that thread would ever occur on GUDU, because I know that people here are a lot more open minded and respectful of those around them - and perhaps that is why I was so shocked to see such shamelessly oppressive dialogue on another dread community (an offensive picture was recently removed from the thread).  It's not that I feel that people with dreadlocks should inevitably be 100% 'politically correct' or respectful and use peaceful language, just because they have made the decision to knot their hair. I don't know, I guess I've just been spoiled with very lovely experiences with people on GUDU.

So yeh... it just bums me out... and I thought I'd just spill it all out here.   

I very recently posted my 1 year time-line, so I won't post any pics.  I think that this post is already relevant enough.

Hmm... how do you feel about the post on dreadlocktruth?  It just blows my mind - I can't imagine any of you taking part in that. 

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