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better photos + dreadhead meme!

i got batteries for my camera finally and transferred all my old photos off my memory card, which means a photo update for you all. hoorah!

this figurine is from the willow tree line, which my mum sells at her gift store. she gave me this for christmas because she thought it looked like the woman has dreads. (they look like twists to me, but it's the thought that counts.) it's the first pro-dreads gesture she's made since i started my locks, and i really love it.

don't worry, i still have my septum piercing but it's hiding. (my family doesn't care much for any metal in anyone's face.)

i had somewhat layered hair when i got my dreads. can you tell?

some randomness that's going on with my dreads. i have a few with weak spots/really loose ends that have just decided to tighten themselves up and get all loopy.

i'm actually excited about it--my dreads skipped the loopy stage originally, and i personally think loopy dreads are awesome.

this is a baby dread i started about nine or ten months ago, maybe longer. it's developed quite nicely with minimal interference on my part.

since i backcombed it, i've basically left it alone aside from periodic root-rubbing.

these are six younger dreads, probably around five or six months now. they originally started off as four, with two on each side.

the top dread on each side is pretty sturdy, but still kinda flat. i love how bumpy/loopy the ends are locking up! the two smaller ones on each side have already rounded out a bit, but they all have really long ends of loose hair. sometimes i love watching them go through the various stages, and sometimes i want to shave the sides of my head in frustration.

this is my first self-formed dreadlock. it's amazing how fat and tight it's gotten.

in comparison to other dreads this skinny, it's much tighter and has plenty of bumps/texture, which my camera failed to really capture. i'm particularly proud of this dread.

this is where i have two more naturally forming dreads that started right next to each other. i'm trying to train them to grow together with little success.

and this is what my dreads look like all flipped to one side. i always take a picture like this, and i'm not sure why.

i've been having some trouble getting into the holiday spirit, and i figured the best way to distract myself and simultaneously waste time would be to create a dreadhead meme. enjoy!

i put my own answers in here, naturally. nothing wrong with a little egostroke now and then, imho. ;) i love interactive memes, so please please please feel free to fill out the meme with your answers as a comment and i'll give you my answer to the last question. add pictures to illustrate your answers if you'd like--i sure did. :D

1. we're all at different points on our dreaded journies. how long have you been rockin' your locks?
--they were three in september, so 3 years + 3 months roughly.

2. do your dreads have a known birthday, and if so, do you celebrate in any way?
--nope. i know they were formed sometime in september, but i really don't remember what day specifically. i don't 'celebrate' per se, but i do look forward to september. :)

3. do you have a favorite dreadlock? what makes it a favorite?
--sure do! it's this one:

it's my favorite because it's the only independently-conjoined dread i have. it also has some of my favorite ornamentation--my turquoise stones. i call this my time-keeper dread because i can measure how much they've grown since they meshed together.

4. do any of your dreads have names? what's the story behind it/them?
--i actually don't name my dreads. i know lots of people who give special ones different names, or name their guitar/car/blanket/etc. i've just never been one to do that. i do believe i have dreads with varying personalities though.

5. if you have backcombed/r&t/'made' dreads, do you know which one was made first? if you have natural locks, do you have one that formed first?
--this is my first dread, done by my host sister while i was in germany:

i'm always amazed by how it grew to be long and slender and more like my other dreads. when it was first backcombed, i thought i was going to have a huge fatty at the nape of my neck. the baby dread was this mass of knots about 5 inches long by two inches wide! it stayed fat for the first couple of months, but eventually slimmed down as it grew out. i kinda wish it hadn't, so i could've had a secret fatty dread under the rest of them. :P

6. by what method have you developed your dreads? if you chose to begin a new set, would you use the same method? why or why not?
--i had mine backcombed by two different people, one on each side of my head. the right side ended up being backcombed more tightly, because the girl working that side had actually had dreads before and had started them on others. as a result, it took a while for the two sides to lock up evenly but they eventually managed it. if i were to start a new set, i would really like to try going the natural route just to see what my hair would do to itself. alternatively, i would shave in a mohawk and then dread that.

7. do you have any pain-in-the-ass dreads that give you hell?
--originally, no. now i have these two:

they're from the set of five i backcombed about four or five months ago out of loose hair at the nape of my neck. they started out originally as one dread which split at the base, so i tore it apart. now i have two scrawny dreads which don't seem to want to dread anymore. in fact, sometimes i feel like they're losing hair when i'm not looking. i find it annoying, but not annoying enough for me to do anything about it, lol.

8. do you currently have decorations/ornaments in your hair? get as detailed as you want: what they are, how long you've had them, significance, etc. (i love random things people put in dreads!)
--i used to have a ton of wooden beads which i put in at the one-year mark. i regret that, because the weak spots they caused are still giving me grief to this day. currently, i have two silver(which are becoming copper) feathers, turquoise stones, little plastic rings that look like carved wood, a 'bead' made from the belt loop off my best friend's jeans, an old metal tunnel from when my ears were at 7/16, some acrylic rainbow yarn, and a thread wrap that my dread has kind of eaten. i can't remember anything else at the moment, lol. the only one with super-special meaning to me is the belt loop 'bead' just because it's how i keep a bit of my friend with me at all times. i used to have a peace sign sewn to one of them a year or so ago, but i lost it and haven't found a suitable one to replace it.

9. what do you dislike most about your dreads currently, if anything?
--i've always wanted them to be thicker/more voluminous. they've definitely fattened up over the years but i lack my much-coveted volume. i know my hair type is too thin, so there's not much i can do about it. other than that, my dislikes are always pretty temporary.

10. what do you like most about your dreads currently, if anything?
--i have them! and they're longer now.

11. do you have long-term plans for your dreads, or are you just taking it a day at a time?
--i planned to have my dreads all through college, then decide from there. i ended up starting a year before i began college and as of right now, i have a year and a half left 'til i meet my so-called deadline. at that point, it really depends on my options in terms of employment and how i feel about my dreads. i could totally see myself keeping them for a long time, but it also strikes me as rather bizarre that the majority of the people in my life now have never seen me with brushable hair.

12. are there any products you absolutely swear by? what about products you wouldn't use on your worst dreadhead enemy?
--i'm actually not a big user of specific products. i have a shampoo bar for keeping my dandruff under control, and if i want to condition my loose tips i'll use whatever's handy. the only thing i really like using in my hair is my nag champa oil. smells pretty!

13. do you have a favorite dreadie hairstyle/accessory?
--i love bandanas. i think they're incredibly useful for pulling my dreads out of the way/keeping my bangs under control. they're cheap and come in lots of colors to boot! in terms of hairstyle, when my dreads were shorter i liked putting them up in a fauxhawk. now that they're longer i just throw them up in some kind of haphazard pony/bun hybrid.

14. if i asked you to play dreadie beautician for a day, gave you free creative reign over my hair and paid you to do it, what would you do?
--(really, i'd love to hear your ideas! and i'll give you mine in return if you'll post a picture of your dreads with your other answers.)

hope that was at least somewhat amusing. :)
love you!

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  • ISO some one to start a new set

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