okcismelanie (okcismelanie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Seven months into my dreadlocks

Well this is my third time with dreadlocks. The first time I had them for four months, I loved them but I had to take them out because of a job. The second time, I did them myself and they kept on falling out every 3-4 weeks so I gave up. Now on my third try...

I had them done at a very good salon and I have had maint. done every 4-5 weeks. They started off 4-5 inches and are now almost shoulder length(yay) and I have fine/curly hair. My issue is the lower ones on the back my head are still falling out 1/2 way. The hair is very thick and soft in this area and I try to re-back comb then weekly but I am now having dreams of my dreads all coming undone :( The rest are knotted up great.... I wish I could palm roll them daily but being at the back of my head-my arms just can't do it.


It is only the first three/four rows at the very back that I am having issues with. Anyone have any tricks or tips besides to shave that area?

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