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In case you're wondering I've already checked the memories.

I need dread maintenance, badly. I was trying to go the rip/twist route, but due to the fact that I've got this awesome opportunity at a job next summer here in Yellowstone National Park where I live and work 10 months of the year I have to get my dreadies looking more neat.

They're only a few months old, I started them on 10/30/08. I'm looking to have full maintenance done, roots, loose hairs, possibly tips rounded, and I'd like to somehow make a few of my dreads a lovely green.
I'm from Wisconsin and I will be traveling east in March for my break between winter and summer seasons.
Lish, I was actually thinking about coming out to Seattle to have you work on them, how hard would it be to convince you to fly to Bozeman, Montana or somewhere in Wisconsin for a few days to help a girl out?!
Or, is there anyone with Lish like awesomeness in dread maintenance (She wins, saw the website ^_^) that is in Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas, or the Chicago area who can help me out?

This would be happening in March or April, by the way, since I am unable to get out of the park until March.

Thanks Dreadheads.

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