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THIS is why we deep-clean.

last night, i helped gorthok to do a deep-clean of his four year old dreads. they'd been started with wax (not by me!), maintained with wax before we met, poorly rinsed of shampoo & bleach over the years, & he never took the time to clean out all of that old gunk. he's been wanting me to maintenance & re-dye them for him, & i told him i wouldn't do the work unless we could go all out.

the plan:
1. deep cleaning
2. protein conditioning
3. root bleaching (8-9" of roots)
4. full maintenance
5. SFX dye job

in exchange for the 7-8 hours of labor this would all take, he offered to wash, wax, & fully detail my car. (the only appropriate place for wax is your car or your surfboard, not your dreads.) i love the barter system. :D

we completed stage 1 tonight. be warned, these pics are gross.

the sink before. you can see the ingredients dissolve to a translucent pale yellow. this is from the first recipe in the memories.

during. joe soaked for about 30 minutes in total, & i took photos at regular intervals. be aware his dreads were a very faded green & blue to begin with.

already showing dirt:

very dirty:

at the end:

little to no dye was stripped from his dreads. this is all filth:

this picture shows the old shampoo, old wax, and other grease loosened by the deep cleaning. after this was taken, i sent him to the shower to continue rinsing and squeezing until this stopped happening.

the sink after:

we have a second deep clean planned in a week to make sure ALL of that old grossness is out. he's already saying how much better his dreads feel, & they sure look nicer:

the entire process will, of course, be documented on joe's page on my site. i'll probably post to gudu each time, but you can always check there for updates.
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