archaynex (archaynex) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

where to begin

I've been growing my hair for about 2 years now, and its a bout 3-4 inches long and now im starting to think about gettin my dreads put in.
The snag is i live in a shitty little town called falkirk which is basically hillbilly central Scotland.
None of the hairdressers/salons here even know where i could possibly get it done and anywhere iv asked have either given me the "are you crazy" kind of look or told me to go to london.
as i am not planning on travelling to london just to get dreaded when iv seen people around with them i started asking people with dreads in the street.
One guy told me a place called links locks in glasgow, Which i couldnt find even when i googled it. And iv heard there is a woman(though im sure theirs more than 1) who stays in scotland who'll come to your home and dread your hair for a reasonable price. id do it myself but i wouldnt know how to start doing the back of my head. and i wouldnt entrust the job to a friend because none of my friends have the patience and id end up with it half arsed

im basically desperate.
im sick of wearing my rasta tam over the top of my sweaty head i want my dreads before summer comes back in and it becomes unbearable again.

anyone from scotland with any info please Add me on msn
i'd be glad to hear any information you have about possible phone numbers or locations of a good loctician in scotland

thanks for your time
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