dreadedmama (dreadedmama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

bleach and dye

So I've been going crazy not being able to do stuff with my hair like dye it (because it will need to be not chemically processed to donate) or straighten it. All of a sudden I got a great idea. My hair is already 2 toned where the dyed stuff is growing out, so I got some 40 vol and some pretty hair colors and went to work..

First, what they looked like before. Notice the color change about halfway down. (and sorry about the mirror streak)

And after some bleach and about 25-30 minutes

But that didn't last long, I had to add some color, but I didn't want it everywhere (or the aliens to read my mind, hehe) so there was this random step in between. But apparently photobucket hates me so this pic will be sideways until they fix it.

And the final results

I just used temporary colors, Manic Panic and Color Jam, so it won't last long but it's the first time in my almost 24 years that I've dyed my hair other than natural hair colors. Once this fades, I'm going to get something more permanent to do it again. Oh yeah, and that long dread that you can see on the left in the first picture is turquoise like my bangs, but I didn't get a good picture of it.

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