Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter. (erikaerin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter.

My daughter was playing with my hair yesterday and as I was running my hand over the back of my head last night, I felt a knot. She had tied one of my dreads into a knot. I thought that was the only one. This afternoon, I was washing my hands and looked up in the mirror and noticed that one of my dreadies was shorter than usual in the back. I guess I missed one that she tied into a knot. I got a pic of this one. Cracks me up what she does to my hair and proves that moms don't actually have eyes in the back of their heads, though I'm not telling HER that. :)

I like how the big monsters in the front frame my face like a heart.

I usually have the unbrushed hair in the front hanging down, but sometimes I tuck it behind my ears when I'm working.

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