Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

year and a half locks.

hi. my name is katie and my dreadlocks will be a year and a half old on january 4. they are messy but i love them.

they're so much fatter than i ever thought they could be.

sometimes i wear them held back on the sides like this. since my hair isn't quite long enough to pile on my head yet, i enjoy rocking this look on occasion.

that dread with the yarn on it isn't always bent, it was right after i took it down from the above hairstyle and i washed my dreads earlier, so it held the shape. this dread has a lock of my boyfriend's hair in it. i combined his hair and my dread with a felting needle and crochet hook and wrapped it with yarn back when we were doing long distance, so i would always have a piece of him physically with me. it made me feel better when i was lonely.

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