kaseyj :) (__liesfuelfires) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
kaseyj :)

Happy Nappy New Year, everybody! :)

My dreadies are going to be 5 months in a number of days. :)
Here is a link to a post in my journal about what my dreads mean to me/how they've effected me in 2008. hah :) Incase anyone is interested!

Okay, onward!

This little booger. This loopy falls DIRECTLY in the hole of my ear (the part you clean with a q-tip? haha Idk how else to explain it) Especially when I'm laying down. Sometimes it tickles, but mostly it's just annoying hahah.

01/01/09! :)
(Dimple? Where did you come from?)

Dreads + Happy New Yearz!

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