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I come bearing good news!

[my co-worker was messing with my phone and took this. I actually enjoy this photo.]

• My dreads hit six months without me really knowing. Weird!
I feel like I should've done some little progression post. Maybe I still will.
• I'm getting a new (point and shoot) camera either today or tomorrow.
So I'll actually be able to post more than pictures via iPhone. YES!
BEST NEWS EVER! In places where my hair was weak from the dread perm and started breaking at the root, shortly after the curl started dropping, its locking into the rest of the dread and re-strengthening! For now, only the ones NOT on the top layer of my hair are doing this, but it's progress and I'm so excited. I noticed it last night before my shower and I was all "Oooooh!!!!!" about it. Very thrilled.
• I got a lovely new tea set last night. On clearance at Walmart for $5.00. It was one of those gift sets pre-packaged for Christmas. Everything in that section was over 50% discounted.

I thought there was more, maybe not. I have some not good news, too, but why be negative? It's a new year, a fresh start, a new outlook. Not going back :)
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