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the big chop

yep i cut my hairs on new years eve/new years day. my grandmother died at 7am on new years eve morning which certainly contributed to it, but i wouldn't say is the reason. i just needed some kind of stress relief, and i realized that for someone who wonders about cutting their hair so much i'm really indecisive. i just figured life is too short to think about doing something so much and not doing it. i feel like something of a weight is lifted off of my shoulders.

unfortunately i don't have pictures that show it, but many of my locs had a white center that resembled--i imagine--a waxed loc. i figure that its a combination of baking soda and scalp flakes/dandruff. some of the very white ones were almost damp like gooey or something, which i figure is more baking soda. its so strange because i always though of my locs as being so clean. i knew that i had dandruff, but a regular washing/acv rinse schedule kept it to a manageable minimum; however, seeing it throughout many locs really grossed me out. while my hair is short i'm going to experiment with various moisturizing lotions such as shea butter and various oils. hopefully i can find a solution because i've always had intense irritated scalp and a combination of wet and dry dandruff. alot of it is really visible now since i have no hair. oh well.

cutting it helped me realize that my locs aren't as big of a deal as they became. many times i felt like i was hiding behind them or they were holding me back. now i am free! i certainly look forward to growing my hair back again and i imagine i'll let it knot up soon enough. i'll probably hang around this place to check up on all of yalls progress.

take care.
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