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Question about kid locks :)

I have a question - I have locks and I have posted on here, and now my son seeing my locks and me claiming "I don't have to wash my hair as much" wants to have them too. Now first, the reason I said that I didn't have to wash them as much is because I used to have mid length to bottom of my back length long straight silky thick dark hair - and it required a LOT of care! Products that is.

not the best picture of me but you get the idea how straight and typically "lock resistant" my hair would be - lol Naturally my hair never tangled except a little bit from the bottom (and I think that was just from the damage from wearing my hair up so much) 

and to get my hair to lock I had to
basically put it in these bands and let it wait and then braid it as you can see here

and SERIOUSLY about 4 months later I finally had some resemblance of locks

which 4 months later were still pretty wispy (don't mind the make up, lol)

and then about 4 months after that did they only start really forming into locks without all the wispyness

and they have gotten better and better.

but they required work and patience.

Now the problem I forsee with my son is well he's 8 -

The good thing is that he HATES HATES HATES cutting his hair and all that and I feel I can trust him to leave them alone and just let them be. I don't know how good he will be about me maintaining them, but I think he understands after seeing me play and mess with them over the year what he is getting into.

The bad thing is like me, my son has very straight hair - but his hair is blonde like his dad's and much finer than mine and in really good condition. Mine had a lot of dye jobs, bleaching and a whole mess of everything to get them into locks... his hair isn't as messed up as mine.

        As you can see with these his hair is pretty fine. It's also not as long as it is here as most of these pics are from last year when his hair was a bit longer. I would say right now it is more all one length and about 3 inches to 4 inches long or so - in these pics it was about 5 inches long.


SO after all of that - my question is this - what are your opinions on allowing him to dread his hair and how should I do it? Should I just tell him to stop washing it with store soaps (and let him use my stuff I use on my dreads) or should I do through the process of at least getting them started for him?

Also, has anyone ever had any experience with kids with locks and how to care for them? Is there anything I should know?

Should I just let it grow out and do it later? I know I have to wait a bit - but in the mean time.. 

I don't know.

Any advice would be awesome

Peace :)

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