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little up date in the New Year

Hey everyone :]
I hope that every one of you had a great New Years.  I'm really excited to be starting a new year as a dreadhead... I hope to usher in an entirely new and unique bunch of experiences.  
I got together with a friend today who is just beginning her dready journey... It's cool to have a person to share experiences with, because I think that my husband is getting a little tired of me talking about my dreads haha.   It's wierd being the one with 'dread-know-how', answering questions and such... when it feels like just yesterday that I was entering into this process without any idea really as to what I was starting.  

Just a note though... my hubby has agreed to let me dread his hair once it's long enough :)  I think I'm more excited than him!! 

Just a little picture to keep it visual.  I'm at peace :)  I love my locks! 

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